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Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 06:06 am To Eat Lunch Or Not
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Stepping into the cafeteria to grab a quick snack, Aerith halted her steps to allow her emerald green hues to sweep across the sea of faces that filed back and forth through the rows of tables. Not a single face seemed familiar to her and she doubted she would find anyone she knew at this time. Classes were not exactly social gatherings and were far more hectic than she clearly expected but she had already grown used to the schedule given to her. Her mornings filled with a variety of colorful characters and her afternoons were quiet fairly her own to tour the vast grounds of the campus. She had not even quite finished her tour either.

'Time enough later,' she thought to herself pushing all further from her mind and joined in the cafeteria crowd.

Each person she passed she offered a warm smile and a soft "hello" before continuing to the lunch line. For her time was a pressing matter. Her lunch period was nearly over but she had opted to seek out the library before she had even a consideration for food. However, the place remained elusive to her search and she had given up completely.

Glancing down at the small watch adorning her wrist, the clock read 10:25 am. She was going to be late if she didn't hurry up and that was something she didn't want to be. It was hard enough trying to place everything within this large campus and she knew it would take her time to do so, but this was not going to do to be late. Excuse or not.

"I'll eat later," she mumbled softly stepping out line and heading off for her optional Friday classes.

Forgive me. This would have been longer and much more but allergy season has struck for me. I just can't seem to concentrate at all in writing. x.x;; I will do something tonight. << Or try to.
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Date:August 27th, 2004 06:20 am (UTC)
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OOC: Hope it's okay I pop-in.

Anna had laughed as she saw the spiky blond man still come for his part-time work. "If you have a class 30 minutes from now, you won't make it! Now scurry off to it, Kioku and I can handle EV-ERY-THING." It made her smile how this boy seemed too innocent.

"Uhh...all right." Cloud nodded and gave a single wave before he turned and squeezed himself out of the tight space, jogging out of the lunch hall.

*Damn, and I panicked.* Cloud groaned and shook his head as he dusted his loose full-sleeved black top, ending his jog with heavy footsteps then finally walking quickly. The wide collar had left his neck almost bear so he had to adorn it with a cross necklace. The chains around his waist made noise and his leather pants reflected some of the lights. *A good timing to leave that yellow apron in my room.* He thought to himself as he walked behind a woman.

He took a mental note of how her hair glowed beautifully and moved at her every motion. He never noticed how his mouth dropped ajar and eyes stayed on the woman. Soon enough he found himself wondering who she was. *And you're not making sense.* He shook his head and decided to occupy himself with his next class: Weapon customization and repair. Or somewhere around that context.

While walking, Cloud inserted his hand into his right pants pocket and blinked as he pulled out a white handkerchief.

That was the only thing he found in the tight space.

*Shit, where's my class list?* Cloud bit his lip while he searched for the other available pockets of his pants as he continued to walk, his footsteps in an uneven rhythm this time. "Damn it, did I forget it?" He lifted his left arm and pushed away the sleeve from his watch. *If I come back to my dorm room just for that class list, I won't make it.* He was never used to being late. In the army, he was trained to always be punctual and recieve equivalent consequences whenever late. Deciding it was the closest resolution he can get, he tried to recall every number he found in the class list. He swore the two-three digit ones were room numbers.