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Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 08:47 pm {OPEN} Haste make waste [???]
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Quistis was already running down the dim hallway looking for Room 164 carrying with her two large duffel bags full with clothes and a small backpack carrying her own laptop. "Oh my God! I can't believe I am so late! I thought today was Monday, August 23. Why was I so disoriented these past few days? What have I been thinking?", she thought to herself still searching for Room 164. "Wonder if my roommate is already there..." Finally finding Room 164, Quistis inserted her key in the lock and let herself in. Scanning the room, it was small compared to the room she had at her Uncle's house but it was neat and tidy nonetheless. Two clean beds with fluffy pillows, two study tables with reading lamps, two dressers, a bathroom, and windows that overlook the school. It was nice and comfortable. Just add a little feminine touch and it would be all right... hee hee. And then surprise, surprise... A little kitty was sitting on one of the beds licking its paws. "Aww... how cute... so Garnet must be here already..."

Placing her bags down on one of the beds and her laptop on the study table, Quistis started unpacking all her clothes and things placing them neatly in her dresser while thinking about what would happen in her first day of classes. "I hope everything would be fine... considering I was late for a few days... Damn... nothing like this ever happened to me... " After finishing unpacking all her things Quistis sat on her bed wondering where her roommate was until she found a note on her study table. Quistis read the note quickly, placed the note back on her study table and lifted Kokoro in her arms. "So your name is Kokoro right? Nice to meet you. My name is Quistis and I hope you, me, and Garnet could get along nicely." Kokoro purred and licked Quistis' face. "Maybe I'll just tour the campus at some other time.", she said to herself. Still pondering this, she opened her laptop and started writing her first journal entry online...
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