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Aug. 29th, 2004 @ 02:47 pm (no subject)
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Rikku grinned happily as she traveled down the hall from her Weaponry repair class.

"Only thing I had do today. What now?" She sighed and pouted softly to herself as she strides along with hands behind her head en-laced in her braids. She was one to get bored easily. Always looking for adventure. Her adventures with Yunie and Paine always were exciting. She loved the school but compared to those days it was lousy and boring.

"I could always go to Yunie or try to find Paine." She shrugged to herself knowing she was talking to herself. She blinked and giggled softly realizing it. She must be more bored then she thought if shes talking to herself. Stretching softly she sighed and decided to head her dorm.

"I should call and see how vydran (Father) and brother are doing. Hope they haven't killed each other." She shook her head and ran down the hall to her dorm happily though filled with curiosity about her family.
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