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Aug. 29th, 2004 @ 10:37 am {Class} The Chocobo Ranch
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Wakka smiled as he looked up at the sky, it was a gorgeous day. Petting a Chocobo that he had dubbed "Yugo", he let out a hardy laugh. "It's gonna be one heckuva day, ya?" Yugo squacked as the orange-haired man mounted him, preparing to dash off before Wakka was ready. Mildly taken aback by the jump start, Wakka firmly grasped onto the reins before letting out a rather loud cheer. The two of them happily rode up to the entrance gate, awaiting their students.
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Date:August 29th, 2004 04:20 pm (UTC)
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Garnet realized that she was going to be late if she didn't leave her dorm room soon. After writing an entry on her journal, she hurriedly fixed her hair and ran out of the dorm room and out to the field.

It was sunny and bright outside as Garnet dashed out across the grass. She wasn't the fastest runner, but she hoped that she would be able to make it in time for the class to start.

When she made it to the ranch, she saw the teacher and noticed his...er, interesting hair. Her eyebrows went up for a second, then she suddenly remembered that he was a teacher, and she bowed to him politely.

"Er, I'm so sorry for being late! I wasn't watching the time like I should have been."

What weird hair.
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Date:August 29th, 2004 05:50 pm (UTC)
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Approaching the vast grass lands, Cloud made sure he AT LEAST looked presentable while on his dusty full-sleeved top and faded denim pants. He scanned the area to get familiar with it. *Chocobos, lots of 'em, a woman, man with a strange hair...where's Wakka?*

Decided, he approached the wacky-haired guy and cleared his throat. "Excuse me, but where's Wakka?" He decided the earlier he meet this guy, the earlier he gets something to do and the earlier he gets oriented with his job.
Date:August 29th, 2004 10:00 pm (UTC)
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Wakka smiled and nodded to the young girl, "Don't worry too much about it, ya?" Upon hearing the blonde's question, he let out a rather proud laugh, "I am Wakka! Nice ta meetcha! And you two must be...?"

"Ah...I'm Garnet."

"...Cloud." Cloud raised his eyebrow, *THIS guy's Wakka?*

Wakka nodded. "Right, right." Turning over to the rather large flock of Chocobo, he placed two fingers besides his lips and let out a rather high-pitched whistle. About half of them skittered over, while the others lolled around. Wakka scratched the back of his head as he let out a sheepish grin, "Ya...I didn't quite finish tamin' em all...Anyway, you two can pick the chocobo ya wanna start off with, 'cept for Yugo, he's my buddy, ya?"
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Date:August 30th, 2004 12:03 am (UTC)
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OOC: My sweet li'l daughter, try to avoid controlling other characters, ne? ^..^ *kissu*

Cloud's eyes grew wide as he stood frozen at the number of Chocobos that had practically scampered wherever upon his boss' call. He gulped inwardly and looked at them all as coolly as possible.

A chocobo padded a few inches towards Cloud. It opened its beak. But before it could even try and take a bite of the man's hair, its beak had been slapped off by the supposed victim.

Cloud watched the chocobo whimper and run away. He groaned and turned to Wakka. "Sir, I'm not a student. I'm a volunteer ranch hand and...you're supposed to tell me what to do to help."

*And pay me once my job's done for the day.*

Cloud decided to re-introduce himself. He was caught off-guard when he found out this weird-haired man was Wakka.

Like his was any less.

"My name is Cloud Strife. Born on the 11th of August in Nibelheim." He gave a slight bow.
Date:August 30th, 2004 01:45 am (UTC)
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((Ooc: Gomen ne! I wasn't really thinking ^_^;;;;))

Wakka patted Cloud on the shoulder. "No need for formalities, ya? Anyway, you're here ta work...Hmm...Well, since today's the first session, Why don'tcha get acquainted with the Chocobo? Just please refrain from hittin' em, and whatnot. A few of them have got quite the temper, ya know?" Wakka laughed as he went off to fill the food trough. "And don't worry, you're gettin' paid for today too."
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Date:August 30th, 2004 01:57 am (UTC)
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*Get acquainted with the Chocobos...?* Cloud repeated in his mind. Turning to his right, he saw Yugo looking at him with the usual Chocobo beedy eyes.

"Name's...Cloud." He felt awkward having to talk to an irrational animal.

And as expected there was no response.

*Oh, this is great!* Cloud groaned and threw his arms up. *How the hell am I supposed to get acquainted with the Chocobos?!* He wondered if he should ask Wakka for help or what. He hasn't been needing one until now...
Date:August 30th, 2004 02:06 am (UTC)
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Yugo cocked his feathered head at Cloud, inspecting him rather curiously. As the young man raised his arms suddenly, the Chocobo fluttered up, letting out a rather loud squack as golden feathers floated to the ground. In that instant, about 5 other Chocobo scrambled up to Cloud, bouncing up and down. Wakka watched, mildly amused, wondering what his worker would do.
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Date:August 30th, 2004 02:15 am (UTC)
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"W, what the--?!" Cloud took a step backward, surprised at how six Chocobos are now seemingly trying to get him to teach them how to fly. They were all warking and flapping their wings while they continued to hop. "H, hey! Stop that!" He glared at Yugo as he thought of what to do.

Goal 1: He had to get them to calm down.

Interpreting their dance would be another story for the moment.

"Okay, calm down! I think you're just hungry..." Cloud took the leather strapping around Yugo and tugged him lightly as he approached Wakka. He watched the other Chocobos noisily follow him and groaned at their ecstaticness. Finally reaching the professor, they all started getting bouncy, again, until Cloud had to sneeze.

This silenced the Chocobos.

Cloud faced Wakka. "Sir, I haven't been anywhere near a Chocobo before. I think it would be for the best of all of us if you give me some preliminary hints on how to 'get acquainted' with them."
Date:August 30th, 2004 11:02 pm (UTC)
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Rather amused, Wakka broke out into a wide grin. "C'mon. Just kinda pet them and whatnot, ya know?" He walked over to Yugo and patted him on the head. "Just feed 'em somethin', then they'll be a bit more easy to handle." The golden chocobo let out a cheerful wark as the orange-haired man handfed him some treats. Getting a tad hungry, a grey one snuck up behind Cloud and proceeded in nibbling at his hair...
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Date:August 30th, 2004 11:55 pm (UTC)
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"GAHH! Would you stop that?!" Cloud had pushed the beak off his hair with the side of his left hand and groaned as he watched another Chocobo weep and run. *This is not good...* He was seriously hoping Wakka was just going to tell him to fix the food, put the Chocobos back in the house...and that they were TAMED! *I must have been spoiled by my cafeteria and library work...*

Cloud turned to the other Chocobos who surrounded him, a bit amazed they weren't scared or alarmed of what he did. All they did were blink and twitch their heads.

And kept silent. That was one good thing.

"C'mon, I'll get you something to eat." He muttered and got into the dim building, hearing the Chocobos follow. He entered a tight cubicle where greens were categorized into their kinds, somehow certain these vegetables were the ones they eat.

But before Cloud picked which greens to feed to the birds, he took time to predict. *If I just put these things on the floor, I'm pretty sure they're going to fight over their favorite green if I choose in an assorted manner. Same goes if I just align it. I just hope they don't bite...* Decided, he took an armful of Gysahl Greens. Turning to them, he gave one to each Chocobo who waited patiently and curiously for their share. Relief struck him as he saw them put the green back on the floor and eat it from there. He smirked and tried out the other thing Wakka told him to do: petting them.

*It's just like any kind of mission.* Cloud realized, smoothing the blue feathers of the one beside him as it ate. *Only that I wasn't given the information and training needed.*
Date:August 31st, 2004 01:42 am (UTC)
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Wakka stood by the entrance, nodding his head and smiling. "Pretty good..." He muttered, as he whistled and brought the rest of the Chocobo inside. In an instant, the warking instantly became thrice as loud as before. As he, Garnet, and Cloud worked on feeding and grooming the chocobo, the time flew past rather quickly. Soon enough, the sun began to set.

"Here ya go guys! Good work today, ya?" Wakka smiled as he handed the two white envelopes, each with their pay for the day. The breeder turned to look at Cloud. "Excellent job. I'm hoping to see you back here again, ya?"
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Date:August 31st, 2004 04:27 am (UTC)
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"You can count on it." Cloud expressed no emotion as he said that. He just came for the money, anyway. He took the white envelope and just the same, 'To: Mr. Cloud Strife' was written on it. He held it with two hands as he stared at his name. Then he turned to his left wrist and pushed away the loose sleeve from his watch. *Still early. I haven't really been around this place...maybe I should take a tour.*

He kept the white envelope and gave a single wave to Wakka before he turned to leave.

Just before he could completely disappear, though, he heard a wark behind him. He looked back only to see the blue chocobo which he patted while it ate. "What?" He asked, turning around. "My job's done, see you next Sunday." He dismissed simply but did not turn.

The chocobo's eyes arched as it gave a long low wark and twitched its neck.

*It wants me to visit it when I'm free...? Holy shit...*

Cloud sighed. "Listen I don't even know your name." He paused. "...if you have one that is."

*This is CRAZY! I'm talking to a chocobo!*


"...I take it you don't."

*And I still go on doing it, anyway.*

Cloud looked behind the chocobo and noticed that Wakka's attention was on the other girl he thought was a student. *If I don't dub him one, I doubt he'd leave me alone.* He returned his attention to the chocobo. "Are you a male or a female?"

It warked.

Cloud groaned, covering his face and spoke while his hand was on it, muffling his voice a bit. "Wark once if you're a boy, twice if you're a female."

It warked twice.


Cloud removed his hand from his face and stood cockily, looking at the chocobo with a bent neck. "How's Cassandra sound?" He didn't know where it came from. But probably because it was his mother's name. He thought otherwise and tried 'Aerith' but stopped even before he spoke it to the chocobo. *She'll kill me.*

Cassandra the Blue Chocobo warked and danced happily, then turned to go back to her home.

While he waited until he was sure she wasn't coming back, Cloud scratched his head, watching her. "Weird bird..." He shrugged and turned to leave once more.