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Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 05:15 pm {OPEN}Sleep, sleep, go away...
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Silence
OOCCollapse )

After Cloud had typed his entry, he sighed and pushed his laptop's lid close. He leaned backwards to his cushioned seat and rubbed his eyes. They were drying from drowsiness. He wondered if the black jacket he wore over his blue sleeveless top was causing it. But he knew it was his boring afternoon--most of which being spent by sitting behind the counter--exploring the library database.

The good thing is: He was getting more familiarized with the place.

The bad thing is: He was getting sleepier and sleep takes a good amount of pay from him.

Cloud leaned towards the counter, elbows on its oak while fists in prayer and pressed against his lip. His eyes turned to the huge mahogany door, its varnish reflecting the white flourescent lamps that were aligned in three rows on the ceiling. He hoped something or someone would come.

Even Mr. Snotzgerald...just anyone to keep him from sleeping!
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"I'm Cloud."
Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 11:33 am {OPEN}I have a laptop?!
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
Current Music: Gackt - Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume
Last he saw the clock, it was 12:30 PM. Cloud wanted to go back to sleep but somehow, something was keeping him from doing so. The man in black full-sleeved grunge top groaned, his right arm over his eyes while he laid on his messy bed. He was to have Literature Class this afternoon, 2:00 - 5:00 PM.

His first official class in his whole life.

*I probably should get up now and go to the library.* Cloud thought to himself, feeling his body slowly drop. Quick to move, he maneuvered once off bed and landed with a one-leg kneel, his tight black leather pants and the chain around his belt unbothering him.

He found out he needed to go to the library an hour before AND after classes.

*Damn that sucks.* Cloud muttered to his head and blinked when he saw a package of some sort under his bed. *What the hell?* Forgetting his part-time job, he stretched out his arms and caught the small box by his hands, then pulled it out. The white plastic bag had his name and room number on it. Curious, he sat on the floor, feet sprawled as he removed the slim heavy thing from its plastic bag.

His eyes enlarged and jaws dropped as he saw what was on the box.

E-Xcel Dynamix 770i. The cover of the box showed a notebook computer that had shades of gray and silver and looked slick. On the other sides of the box were the features and such. The price tag was removed.

*Holy shit, it's a laptop...* Cloud couldn't believe HE, of all people, had his OWN laptop! He found these to be usually on desk tops of men who assign him work of espionage and such and therefore, concluded that they costed a lot. But HE got it for FREE, even if he never dreamed of getting one. He felt his hands move quickly to open the box and pull out the device.

It was in a transparent plastic. The smell told him it was new. Cloud found himself smoothing its cover. *Damn it...* Slowly, this time, he removed it from its plastic and carefully opened it. A red button sat on the upper-right corner of the device and when he pressed it, the screen glowed. The school logo was seen in animation, then a log-in box appeared. It asked for his name and student number.

Cloud sure as hell knew what his name was. But his student number?

*Maybe it's this?* Cloud felt something in his pocket and fished out a slim leather wallet. Opening it, he took out a folded white paper from one of its pockets and opened it. It was his receipt of some sort--another thing his Mom left him.


Cloud set it aside and typed the needed information, his hands rather slow. He had been taught how to use the typewriter but his fingers here longed for that hard press. The keys were all levelled and soft, they didn't pop out or such. His eyes saw his arrow on the screen turn into an hour glass, then the whole screen changed into his index page or desk top after a 'Welcome' sign. He took time to explore the screen with his eyes. It had programs that would help him on his schedules, laptop management, assignments, and something to explore the online world. There was also an audio player of some sort. On the lower-right side, he could see that his status was 'Connected'.

*To what?* Cloud wondered. He would have to read the entire manual. His eyes caught sight of a blinking image on the upper-right corner of the screen. It was a notebook and a pen. *What?* His eyebrows arched as he felt his hand move on the small gray part near his keyboard. He watched the cursor move from the center to the blinking image. He pressed it softly and the image opened into a blank page. He was glad he often watched his superiors use their laptop. But what the hell was this blank page for?

*Online journal...eh?* It didn't make much sense to him. But he decided it wouldn't be wrong to give it a try. So he typed. And as soon as he was done, he clicked the 'Submit' button. After around 2 seconds, he was transported to a page where he could see what he wrote. He felt awkward. There was also an underlined word he found on the screen that read 'Friends'. He noticed that everyone has their own online journals. It was probably something to establish a community. He smirked to himself. *Cool...* Turning serious this time, he looked to his clock and found he had ten more minutes to run to the library. *Shit, I'm late!* He pushed the cover of the device closed and took it with him as he stormed out of the room, locking the door in the process.
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"I'm Cloud."
Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 12:36 pm {OPEN}Anyone up for some food?
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Nobuo Uematsu - Balamb Garden
Auditions will be held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, until we have a full band!

Cloud continued to read the flyer plastered onto the door of the cafeteria directly beside the beverage counter. The area of foods was a huge wide room fit for students to hang around in. The counters start from the drinks, the snacks, the heavier snacks and lastly the full meals--this being found along with the previous one perpendicular to the first counters. Tables were attached to the wall. some were found scattered onto the carpetted floor. The chairs were cushioned, some of which being replaced by benches. There was also a wide window overlooking the outside and directly in front of the entrance where painted and arched was 'FFU Cafe'. Cloud thought it can house the whole university.

For this meeting, he decided to wear something a bit more decent. Dark purple polo top, collar high and cuffs loose while the top-most and last buttons are open. His pants were tight and black matched with a thick leather black belt, shoes were the same boots from yesterday. It never really occured to him to buy a new pair despite the oldness of the pair.

"Thank you for waiting!"

Cloud blinked and turned from the flyer to the two women in aprons. He stood straight, shoulders back but still looking slacky, removing his thumbs from his pants pocket. As the older woman bowed to him, he slightly bowed back.

"I take it you're here for your first job?" The woman seemed nice with a warm smile. Like her companion, she had a hankerchief over her hair, checkered pink apron, fuschia pink half-sleeved top with the cafe logo and denim pants.

Cloud nodded. "Cloud Strife, born in Nibelheim in the 11th of August."

The woman laughed. "You don't have to be too formal on me, boy. I'm not such a boss. My name is Anna Walteroff, pleased to meet you." She looked at her hand to see that she was holding a white plastic bag and handed it to Cloud. "Here is your apron, Mr. Strife. You'll recieve your payment every Saturday." Once the boy had taken the plastic bag, she retrieved her hand. "I was informed that you will be working with us 8:00 AM - 12:00 NN?"

"Whenever free, Ma'am." Cloud nodded.

On the clock read 10:00 AM.

*I must have been too comfortable.* Cloud thought to himself.

"Well you're excused for being late today, Mr. Strife. But next time that happens, we'll have no choice but to give some deductions to your salary." Anna sounded like a principal, but smile unwavering.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Your first job is to clean the tables and seats. Wear that apron so you don't get your fashion dirtied." Anna winked. "You look like you're getting ready for that audition on the flyer."

Cloud shook his head, forcing a small smile. "Not at all, Ma'am."

*I'm good for nothing.*

"Oh but you have the looks and the charm! I bet we'll be expecting more women coming over here, what with you around." Anna giggled. "Oh, please pardon me." She excused herself before she returned to the kitchen.

"Here are your cleaning materials." The younger woman held out a small plastic basket of detergents and towels. "My name is Kioku, by the way." She giggled and waved to Cloud before she left.

Cloud could only blink as he watched Kioku follow Anna. He settled the basket on a glass table and took the apron out of its plastic bag. His immediate reaction was lifting an eyebrow as he raised the apron.

*Checkered yellow...?*

Around that time, all he could hear was the tick-tocks of the clock.


Cloud groaned and shook his head, wearing the apron. He found an ID in the single pocket and took it. *Hi! My name is Cloud.* He bit his lower lip but ultimately hung it by the right strap. As soon as he eventually got comfortable with the apron, he proceeded to cleaning the first table closest to the entrance.
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Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 08:52 pm The Search is on...
Current Mood: chipperchipper
The door of the computer lab swings open, as Zidane comes strolling out of it, a huge stackful of papers tucked under one arm. Smiling along the way, Zidane whips out a roll of scotch tape and starts tossing up these papers, which just happen to be fliers, all over campus. He puts them up everywhere: Halls, doors, lockers, trees, unsuspecting people's backs -- you name it.

After putting up a flier by a nearby dorm room, a random student notices it and decides to check it out.

"What the hell is this?" He wonders.

Upon closer inspection, he sees...Collapse )
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Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 11:24 am Enter The Monkey Bwah
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Zidane strolls down the hallway of the school, a blue dufflebag hanging to one side of him, and a black fabric guitar case slung over his shoulder. He's wearing slightly loose-fitting blue jeans, white and black tennis shoes, a black tanktop, and a blue button-up shirt that he's left open for the time being. A silver pendant dangles from around his neck, slightly sparkling whenever the sunlight happens to catch it, and finally, a strap-adjustable baseball cap, worn backwards with his dirty-blonde hair sticking out of the front. Whistling to himself while he takes his time, Zidane looks around, taking in all the scenery.

*Man, this place looks great,* He thinks to himself as he looks at the elaborate decorations across the walls, the freshly-buffed floor, and all the extremely.... pretty....




"Whoops." Zidane says, chuckling slightly to himself as he wipes a droplet of drool that was collecting on the side of his lips. He shakes his head to regain his composure and continues on his way. *No. I'm here for a reason.* He thinks. *..There can be time for ogling at girls later.*

A moment later, he hangs a right at an upcoming intersection, then walks down six doors before finally coming to a stop. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a key with a keychain attached to it.

"1-8-7" it read.

"Why does that number bother me, somehow..." He says outloud, before pushing the key into the appropriate keyhole and turning it, hearing the click soon afterwards. "Welp.. in we go." Zidane mutters before taking a deep breath and stepping inside.







Dropping his bag at the door, along with his jaw, Zidane stands in awe at the lavishness of his pre-furnished, exquisite dorm room. Two desks on either side of the room, both of with are harboring a pretty sleak-looking computer, a door leading to the bathroom to the side of him, and against the far right wall, sit two bunk-beds, neatly made.

"Hell yes! Bunks!" Zidane exclaims as he picks up his bag and quickly tosses it up on top of the upper bed. "Mine now!" He says, skipping the ladder positioned against the beds completely as he leaps up and lands on the bed, laying on it. "Now this is what I'm talkin' about."

After a moment of laying comfortably on his newly-claimed bed, Zidane hops off of it, taking the guitar case and leaning it up against a nearby wall. He looks at the alarm clock neatly placed on the desk beside him, "Oops," He says. "I'd better start unpacking, it's getting late."

Zidane looks to one of the computers and turns it on. After a quick boot-up sequence, it's at the desktop. He looks over the layout, before noticing something in the upper-right hand corner.

"Hm? ..'Online Journal'?" He said to himself. "I think I'll check that out later. I think I'm gonna go check out the rest of the campus first."

He starts to head out the door, but then stops short. "But first...!"

Zidane quickly grabs a scrap piece of note paper and a pen and scribbles something down, then puts it on the desk and heads out the door.

On the paper, it reads:

Dear Roomie,

Name's Zidane, pleased to meet'cha! Sorry I didn't get to meet you when I got here, and I'm probably out wandering at the moment, so I'll talk to ya later!


P.S. Oh yeah, and the top bunk is MINE!!!! ^_^ \\//
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Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 03:12 pm {OPEN}The Story of the Ugly Duckling (Chocobo?)
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Miyavi - Coo Quack Kluck ~Ku.ku.ru~
Low and heavy footsteps sounded throughout the empty hallway. He had a dusty-colored duffel bag slung over his shoulder, its single arm held only by two fingers of his left hand. His jacket was that of the army's--blue all throughout with a high collar. It was something he just picked out from somewhere in his little room before he left for his hometown. His top was plainly white, pants faded denim. Nothing extravagant was to happen in his life this day.

Except school starting.

*What IS school?* Cloud Strife thought to himself as he continued down the long shiny floor of peach. As he walked, the only sounds he can hear were his thoughts, his keys in his pocket and the song playing in his head. *Sure it's a building where people study but what is it?* He stopped from his steps, his thoughts, then looked to his right.


Cloud inserted his free hand into his pocket and took out a keychain of his mother's (so it was flowery and old) where hung his motorbike keys and the dorm key.

A paper with an 005 was plastered onto it.

The number repeated itself in his mind as he inserted the key into the hole of the knob, twisting it a few. When he heard a click, he retrieved his key and pushed the door open after turning the knob.

What he saw surprised him.

*I'm in a school.* Cloud thought as he studied the wide room. A calendar and a wall clock could be seen hanging on the wall directly in front of him. To its left (Cloud's right) was a bed--soft and neatly fixed with a wide white pillow. On his left side, was a desk with papers, a letter, pen, booklet and a lamp. Beside it was a door which Cloud thought logical to be his bathroom. Then there was an empty shelf beside it. *What the hell am I doing in a hotel room?*

It was unlike anything he has been into--not even in his missions as a spy. He shared his room with his mother until he left for the army back in Nibelheim. In the army, his room was narrow with only a bed and a bathroom. And this...

Cloud was still half-stunned as he entered the room and closed the door behind him. His eyes continued to study Room 005's interior. He felt his chest pounding from within.

He felt excited?

Cloud dropped his duffel bag on the floor and walked inner as he looked around. He turned to the booklet on his desk and picked it up, seeing the school seal. He flipped it open and scanned. *Rules and regulation.* He closed it and returned it to his desk, and took the letter next. He held it up, reading 'To: Mr. Cloud Strife' mentally. He tore the envelope open and unfolded the letter for him. *About my part-time jobs...* He was to work in the cafeteria in the mornings, library in the afternoons and as a ranch hand on Sundays under a man named Wakka's supervision whenever free. He returned the torn envelope and letter back to the desk.

Approaching the bathroom this time, he twisted the knob and pushed the door open. It was dim, but when he turned on the lights, he could see the well-made pale red porcelains, peach and white tiles and the plain white curtain that seemed to have been made from quality material. He couldn't help but enter, amazed by the bathroom, as well. It couldn't occur to him that THIS was where he is to take a bath. *Even this bathroom is just as big as my room in the army...maybe bigger, even.*

Finally, he left the bathroom, switching the lights off. He would have to get used to living with such luxury. His eyes laid sight on his lone duffel bag--which looked like it's shying away after he had been into the bathroom. *A change of clothes would be nice.* He thought. He approached the bag and unzipped it slowly, his clothes bursting out. It was only then that he noticed the zipper's hem was about to explode. He took two random garments and proceeded back to the bathroom, turned the lights on and locked the door closed.

When he left, he wore a black sleeveless top overlapped by a mesh one of the same color. His pants were cargo green with numerous pockets. His boots were the same black ones he used on coming into FFU. The sleeveless-ness of his top exposed his lean muscles--brought about by the years of his training. On his left wrist was a beaded black bracelet, right wrist a black leather armband.

The pounding in his chest grew. It was cool in the room. He gave a deep sigh and groaned, covering his face with his hands as he gave a low moan.

*I'm in a school...damn it...!*
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"I'm Cloud."
Aug. 22nd, 2004 @ 12:37 pm Literature Classes Notes
To condition students in their upcoming Literature classes:

HOW: Sephiroth teaches in the afternoon, once a week. His weekdays are 2-5 PM, weekends 3-6 PM. Classes will be held at every time Sephiroth posts in ff_uni with the tag {CLASS} The class progress will be performed through comments. This post will be up for a week (to comply with the rules).

WHAT: Sephiroth likes giving an average of 100 pages worth of reading assignments (You meet only once a week you know) with papers due at EVERY meeting. Sephiroth dislikes babbling in classes and would rather that the students do it, appropriately.

WHO: The Sephiroth in FFU is a military officer in the morning, part-time Literature professor in the afternoon. That means he comes to every class, fresh from training cadets/cadettes and usually he fails to make the distinction. This is as far as discipline goes. Sephiroth requires above all a focus, enthusiasm and readiness in each class (and he believes this can take place in an otherwise strictly-moderated environment). After all, this is a University, not a High school.

WHY: Sephiroth submitted an application to FFU because he is bored of his regular "programmed" schedule. Teaching, he surmises may bring a new learning experience. Really, honestly, Sephiroth likes imparting knowledge. It's useless living with a whole bulk and not doing anything with them. Sephiroth believes that a disciplined classroom environment is part of the class drill. It will guarantee, to him, the best possible performance from a student. (After all, he sees such strict rules as simple rules to follow. He cannot see why students shouldn't be able to do just that.)

Specific class rules and such will be given in Orientation Day. Students can address their concerns by then (maybe they can start listing them now.)

So until then, see you in class.
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Aug. 21st, 2004 @ 06:27 pm Introducing.. me!
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Hey guys! :)

Just popping in to say hi and introduce myself: I'm Sami and I'll be playing your Edgar Figaro! *fanfares* Feel free to go read his user info if you like.. I'm in the process of updating it, so if you want some history or storyline with him, that'd be great!

Feel free to IM me anytime at this silver grin to roleplay or set up a storyline or aaanything; I looove to chat and I hope to meet you all eventually! ^_^ I'm hoping to eventually pick up a second character (if that's allowed, however I'm not sure who yet!), but I'll deal with Ed awhile first so I can break him in. ;)

Ed: ....!!!!

Nice to meet you all!

-- sami!
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Aug. 21st, 2004 @ 04:50 pm {ATTN} FFU is poised to begin.
Yep, it's official: We're starting completely by Monday. I said we would begin once we hit the 20 member mark, and we've finally hit it. Now's the time to make sure your classes are in order, you're positive about the classes you're going to take, and the year you're going to be attending as, etc. -- In short, if you're going to make any last minute changes, now is the time to do it. If you make any changes, make note of them here, so as to prevent confusion.

In addition, make sure you've joined both communities, okay? You're not required to friend all members, but you are required to be a member of the communities. And, I can't stress this enough: If you have any suggestions, or comments, make them. I may not always answer to your comments, but I do read them, believe me.

Oh, and what you've all beeen waiting for --

The Dorm Assignments


Rooms 001 through 100 {001~049 - Singles, 050~100 Doubles)

- Room 042: Squall
- Room 005: Cloud
- Room 032: Vincent
- Room 095: Laguna, ___

Rooms 101 through 200 {001~049 - Singles, 050~100 Doubles)

- Room 123: Kuja
- Room 187: Zidane, Zell

Empire Hall {THIRD FLOOR} Rooms 201 through 300 {201~249 - Singles, 250~300 Doubles)

&; FEMALE Guardian Hall {FIRST FLOOR}
Rooms 001 through 100 {001~049 - Singles, 050~100 Doubles)

- Room 006: Elena
- Room 015: Paine
- Room 063: Rikku, Yuna
- Room 064: Aerith, ___

Avalanche Hall {SECOND FLOOR}
Rooms 101 through 200 {101~149 - Singles, 150~200 Doubles)

- Room 107: Yuffie
- Room 115: Tifa
- Room 164: Garnet, Quistis

Returners Hall {THIRD FLOOR}
Rooms 201 through 300 {201~249 - Singles, 250~300 Doubles)


The CID Builing
Rooms 001 through 100 {001~049 - Singles, 050~100 Doubles)

- Room 002: Sephiroth
- Room 076: Edgar, Wakka

You can find these on a regular basis here. If I made any mistakes, or forgot someone, let me know. I had to go through all the applications to do these.

Finally, Teachers? Could you tell me what you're going to be teaching, and the day. This doesn't apply to Sephiroth, as he heads literature, and it doesn't matter when he teaches... he can teach whenever. And students, post your final schedules here by monday, so I can figure out who will be in what class.
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Aug. 21st, 2004 @ 11:59 am Rikku here.
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Chrono Cross playin on PS2
Just saying Hi to all. I'm gonna be Rikku. ^_^ Glad to be here and can't wait for this to take off.
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