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FFU :: ``Finally, a{nother} Fantasy University -- For Final Fantasy.``

Here is a universe, apart from any other, yet similiar in so many ways. We encompass the worlds of Final Fantasy, from the original to the offshoots to the latest, in a vast enough planet to hold them all -- altering, and changing what is neccessary to make their co-existance possible. We then have them all come to Final Fantasy University, or as it is more prominently known as "FFU", and participate in the educational system. In layman's terms: This is an alternative universe, with changes to each character's past ranging from subtle to extreme, taking place in a University setting.

So, come on -- Pick a hero, choose a tale, and begin your story: We're waiting.

-{INFORMATION}- - - - >

( Characters ); A list of taken characters, and their position in the University.
( Rules ); The rules which all players must abide by.
( Campus ); The Dorm Assignments, Campus Layout, etc.
( Courses ); Available classes which students can take, and teachers can teach.
( Setting ); An attempt to clarify any confusions you might have about where FFU takes place, and how it works.
( Code ); The School's Code of Conduct; Strictly IC.
( Places ); Areas which can be found in the city of Enix, where FFU is located.

-{SHEETS}- - - - >

( Application ); The application: This is what you fill out to apply for FFU.
( Profile ); The Character's Information: This is what you fill out after you're accepted to FFU.
( Schedule ); The Character's Schedule; Look inside for more information.
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